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As a reader, I like historical fiction because it takes me to a time and place where people and circumstances engage my imagination. For the past fifteen years, I've written historical fiction for the same reason. The purpose of this website is to introduce readers to my books and provide insight to what I write and why I write. You can learn more about me and my approach to writing by visiting the "Bio" page.

I'm a member of the Historical Novel Society which reviewed The Good Thief, book 4 of the Westphal period mystery series, and all three books of The Arrius Trilogy, Sacramentum, Legacy and Enemy of Rome. The reviewer for Legacy ended by saying, "Recent military realities are reflected in this book and contribute to its intensity. It is a gripping read. I am looking forward to the third book in the series." For the final book the reviewer had this to say: "Holtry sustains in this third novel of the trilogy all the suspense and complications we have come to expect from the first two. His knowledge of military strategy, both Roman and tribal, is conveyed with passion and understanding. A compelling and enthralling read."

Looking for Steiner, a modern quasi-mystery/thriller novel set primarily in Vietnam was released in Aug, 2017. Since I already had a novel published that year and to prevent over-using the name "Preston Holtry," it was published under the pen name "Wayne Preston."

Following the popularity of Arrius, I've started another Roman era series set in 58-50 B.C.E during Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul. I'm using his Commentaries as a primary source and guide. The first book, STRABO The Unwilling Legionnaire, was published in early December, 2021. Goodreads reviewed Legionnaire and "highly recommended,"  adding "it promises to be a worthy successor to his Arrius trilogy."  STRABO Book 3, Decurion, is under contract and scheduled for publication in December 2022.

All my books are available on Amazon or Barnes and & Noble in either paperback or e-book. I also have an author page on Amazon and a profile on GoodreadsIf you've read the novels and liked them, I encourage you to write reviews saying that you did.

Thanks for visiting, Preston Holtry